Enterprise UX as a change driver - live from #EUX17 with Sam Yen

June 11, 2017

In this impromptu. on-site podcast, Jon Reed of diginomica.com talks with Sam Yen of SAP about his presentation on driving organizational change through design. In this first of two podcasts with Reed and Yen, the guys hit on issues like the (relative) maturity of enterprise UX, and the big themes from Enterprise UX 2017, including breaking down silos. Yen critiques incremental innovation and makes the case for organization-wide design culture. Yen also gives his advice for non-designers who want to bring a design mentality to their work - and why that matters. In part two of their podcast, the guys will take a harder look at SAP's UX approach and get Yen's Leonardo/UX status report. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes.