Hyperledger hacking and enterprise blockchain potentials - an informal chat

January 3, 2017
In this informal, audio-only Hangout, Jon Reed of diginomica talks with two enterprise blockchain enthusiasts about the potential of blockchain in the enterprise. Fresh off a Hyperledger hackathon event, Clive Boulton and Greg Misiorek share what they've learned, and why a couple of enterprisey dudes think that the enterprise is due for some enterprisey disruption. The guys also touch on Ethereum and why Hyperledger, a Linux project heavily supported by IBM and other players, seems to have the most potential right now for enterprise blockchains.
NOTE: recommend headphone listening as Greg's audio was not optimal. Did my best to improve it. I'll also be writing about this discussion on diginomica.com, so if you missed anything on the audio, check and/or search http://www.diginomica.com on "blockchain" for more. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes