Busting the omnichannel - enterprise hacks and chats

The great B2B hyper-personalization and content strategy debate - and B2B selling fails

February 7, 2021

In this audio-only edition of Jon's Enterprise hits and misses video show, Jon Reed of http://www.diginomica.com starts out on a solo flight rant/overview of his methods on B2B content strategy and critique of hyper-personalization. He hits on why this matters for individuals and enterprises. A key issue: marketing and sales need to change, and it's a culture problem more than a tech problem. 30 minutes in, returning champ Brian Sommer crashes the show to dig into the hilarious low points of B2B selling. The guys even run through Brian's worst-of-B2B-sales slide deck (note: you can enjoy this as audio only as Jon reads the slides, but if you want to see them, you can check the video replay at youtube.com/jonathanwreed). Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes.

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